Autism TreatmentAutism Information for Parents, Practitioners & Professionals…

Autism Information for Parents, Practitioners & Professionals…

Praise for
Individualized Autism Intervention for Young Children
Comments Solicited from Preview Parent and Professional Readers
by Paul H. Brookes Publishing, Inc.

“Deeply rooted in 50 years of research and practice, this book sets a new standard for being at once highly accessible, comprehensive, evidence -based, and—with its emphasis on a blended intervention approach—truly groundbreaking. If you read one book on autism treatment, this should be it.”
—Steven F. Warren, Ph.D. Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies, University of Kansas, Lawrence

“Has immediate value . . . makes selecting the right methods for each child of prime importance. Thompson points the way toward a potentially fruitful approach for matching learners to teaching methods.”
—Sandra L. Harris, Ph.D. Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center, Rutgers,
The State University of New Jersey

“Travis Thompson brings a uniquely lucid voice into the jumbled world of behavioral interventions. His perspectives, emanating from deep experience as a scientist and as a family member, have produced a very sensible and useful guidebook grounded in the essential principle of individualization. Parents, clinicians, behavior analysts, and educators
of all types will find great value in this book.”
—Glen Dunlap, Ph.D. University of South Florida

“Dr. Thompson is an amazing altruistic man and clinician. His ability to see the ‘forest through the trees’ has served us well and countless others, I am quite sure. As no two kids on the spectrum are the same, it would behoove clinicians, researchers, educators, and parents to match their therapeutic strategies to best match their children’s needs. Dr. Thompson’s work has exemplified this in practice and now through the power of books. Read and learn from a true master.”
—Matthew Segedy, M.D. Pediatrician and father of a daughter with autism

“The emphasis on combining highly structured teaching opportunities with teaching activities that are embedded in naturally occurring situations is a welcomed approach for parents and professionals alike. Dr. Thompson and his colleagues are applauded for encouraging individualized decision making and outcome assessment to maximize
functional skill development that contributes to a child’s ultimate success.”
—Dawn Buffington Townsend, Ph.D. BCBA-D, Institute for Educational Achievement

“I will be purchasing this book and will definitely be recommending it . . . Dr. Thompson has done an excellent job documenting the research and covering most questions, concerns, and issues [surrounding selection of] the most effective and efficient approach for each unique child.”
—Dr. Suzanne Jacobsen, R.Psych. BCBA-D, Clinical Director, ABA Learning Centre, Richmond, BC, Canada

“Highlights the hope in individualizing autism interventions and illustrates how that process can yield better results for our children. I applaud Dr. Thompson for writing about this complex approach, one that challenges us to modernize how we view andtreat ASD, and therefore, stands to benefit all who are affected by it.”
—Cindy Tupy Mother of Lilly, who has Asperger syndrome

“With new data showing that nearly half of children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum will reach best outcomes with Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention, Dr. Thompson’s data-driven resource for selecting treatment, interventions, and goals is anessential manual for parents and professionals. [Dr. Thompson] makes the data behind intervention and treatment accessible, enabling parents and professionals to make decisions scientifically supported to achieve best outcomes. [The] book carries youthrough the process of diagnosis, and gives a new more informed perspective on choosing the right combination of treatments.”
—Tracy Reid, J.D. Attorney, Cooper & Reid, LLC, mother of a child with autism,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Available from
Paul H. Brookes, Inc., March 2011